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Social Projection between the Hotel and C.C. Pachangara

Fundo Hotel Ayarpongo belongs to C.C. Pachangara, a series of social programs are oriented to promote labor relationship and inclusion between the settlers and the hotel, so this could improve their lifestyle. We consider that the culture, the ancient wisdom and the intangible heritage of Pachangarian people are an essential part to rescue that is why its products and services are shared and exposed at the Hotel.


Meet up a little bit of Pachangara community

Our community is 13 Km walking distance from the Municipality of the District and an 1 ½ by bus. The usual transportation is the combi of our community and other specific vehicles. The altitude is 3,385 m height above sea level.

When it was created?

Pachangara was politically created on 1620. On January 28th was officially a District. With Supreme resolution on june 1938.

What do they produce?

Mashua, broad beans, potatoes, barley, wheat, oka, garlic, green onion, carrots, quinoa, medicinal herbs.

How many we are?

239 people, 72 families

Our organization

Our communal organization is important; in order to make new proposals we take part in a participative budget and assist to the communal meetings.

Calendar of events:

Calendar of Events Dates Participants
Pachangara Anniversary January 28th All the population and visitors
CAMASICOOJ January 20th All the community
Holy week March or April Population and visitors
Carnival February Population and visitors
Feast Day “María Magdalena Virgin” 20th to 28th July Civil servants and all the community
Christmas Feast Day “El Caporal” 24th to 30th December Population and visitors
Anniversary of school “Antonio Raimondi” July 22nd Population and visitors
Inca Feast July 22nd Population and visitors